Many ways to drain your wallet.

Want other ways other than phoning to give me cash? There are many ways!

pick me out a gift– Check out my Amazon wishlist….or just send a gift card.

I love traveling.   Southwest air is one of the few airlines that serves the airport nearest to me, and you can send me a gift card through them! Send it to

And My favorite.
Put cash in an envelope and send it to me.


It’s hot to get a envelope of money!

Here’s the address

Lauren Rules

63 Emerald St


Keene, NH


On Talk Sugar you can just send a tribute! (yum)

and of course, you can always just hit a tribute button on Niteflirt. Here are some to make it easier for you.

Pay on Niteflirt, here are buttons for the click and pay addicts.

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dave June 18, 2015 at 5:25 am

Oh yes Lauren Rules in the most hardcore findom out there. Straight off the bat she plans to drain you to the extreme and even in poverty still make you pay her it ALL.

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