My philosophy on Financial Domination

I am a Female Dominant.

I have always been a Dominant female, but I wasn’t born into it. I discovered it.

I grew up in a very traditional way, where I was expected to be the “good demure girl”  I lived in a very rural conservative area, where men hunted deer and women baked cookies.

Where I was expected to play a supportive role in the life of  “my man”

My parents tried their best to socialize Me for this role.  For a time, I even tried to play the role to please them. I was unhappy, and after high school decided to go on to further my education.   My father tried to stop me from going to college, finally relenting because I think he thought I would find a husband there.   I finished college, still unfulfilled and entered the work force.

But it was unnatural. I was unhappy. I felt unbalanced.   I was told I had a problem with authority.  Teachers felt I was brilliant but augmentative.   Bosses felt I worked hard and learned quickly and was productive but that I had a problem with authority.  I even have a copy of a job review that says that.

The truth is I have a problem “Not” being the authority. :)

The moment I embraced My True Self–My Dominant Nature, I began to thrive in every way.  I work for Me. No one else.  I began by practicing Domination in my personal life.   This affirmation of Who I Was made the folly of working for anyone else apparent to me.  So I began my career as a professional online and telephone Dominatrix.  Having the ability to work for Myself actually freed Me.   I don’t have anyone to answer to ,and I have never been happier.

My job is fucking over those who need to be fucked over.

My job is inflicting pain on the masochist.

My job is to let the submissive and masochist live his life in utter happiness.  I understand its a need for you, just as it is a need for Me.

And as natural as it is for Me to be on top, to be in charge, to be manipulative and exploitative, so it is natural for you to be a subject of My dominance.

My experiences with Financial Domination grew from My journey as a professional Dominant.

Money *is* power.  The exchange of money *is* a very intimate power exchange.

It changes lives.    The money I squeeze from My slaves enables Me to live a lifestyle otherwise not available to Me.

The money you give to Me, you will never see again. You will have to sacrifice. You will have to live “smaller” so I can live “larger”.  The power exchange becomes a living breathing entity.

It satisfies.  It is real. It is natural.



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Nathan December 25, 2013 at 6:48 am

This is a very true statement.
“Money slaves” arent slaves.
Just as mistresses arent dictatorial b—es
1.The power of choice begin with the desire for control or to be controlled.
2. The submissive must be extremely mentally powerful to commit to this power transfer. Wankers are weak. Money slaves find a way.
3. The dominant must be able to be trully in control.
(excluding the Top from bottom Bottom from top relationships)
4. The money is a symbol of power. The a billionaire that gives a 1000 dollarsa day is less of a submissive that enjoys giving half his salary to a domme.
5. The power transfer must be maintained through.dominant actions
and submissive actions.
6.At the end the power transfer must have the potential of stopping.
Why? because She is no longer dominant if it is hers.
He is not submissive if he doesnt have a choice.
As long she can control him and he can feel controlled the relationship will last and be healthy and long term.
7. While addictive at the end of the day it must be a real inner need.
not a true rape. “Wallet rape” is a term for Consentual Monetary Dominance.
But, the need makes desirable for wallet rape to be used.
Lauren is probably a nice person, and I found that most succesful Dommes
are not cruel at heart. This isnt cruelty. its so pleasurable sex is not needed.
It is in fact a type of intimacy.
See them playing with their hair as they dominate guys on you tube or clips?
It means they enjoy it as much as we do.
Its mutual.
Most Dominas actually form a bond with real long term submissives.
Not wankers. Its like a semi-lover relationship. But its not for weak men.
You need to be in give over control.

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