Money pig cash in the mail!

More Cash in the Mail!

May 20, 2013

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Always My favorite thing, not a huge amount, but two nice $20s tucked in an envelope from an anonymous piggy with this note.

Dear Goddess Lauren

I am so addicted to you and jack off to your blog all the time. I am afraid to call, but I am sending cash now and will try to send more another time.


pig scum loser



Whoever you are…I will be waiting.
It is so gratifying and arousing to know there are men who just tune in to see what I’m up to, who find what I do to men to get them hard.

But you know, its far more erotic to be taken, then it is to read others.  Think of it for a moment….the exhilaration, the fear, the orgasm, the knowledge that you personally enriched Me.

Do it.  Pay. Me. Now.  I want you to, and your cock wants to as well.

I have been having soo much fun with blackmail contracts lately. I am not a heavy blackmail Mistress, but I do like engaging in consensual blackmail that will force you into some humiliating scenario or pay lots of cash to get out of it. Please note, that if you are SERIOUS about consensual blackmail, you have to buy this audio slideshow first.  I happen to think its one of  My finest Pay-to-Views, and so will you

This is a fantasy blackmail assignment. You’ll view a slideshow to weaken your mind, and then follow some directions on an MP3. But don’t worry, its just pretend. Isn’t it????



Meanwhile, I want to point out those who want to spend more quickly on Me some delicious photo series and a slideshow you can find on Niteflirt. Spend addicts and junkies spend!

It takes you by surprise. I arouse you with My beauty. Then this Stunning Superior Woman moves in for the wallet rape


Look up at your Superior Goddess. This slide show is filled with point of view images and My hypnotic voice and subliminal commands claim you as slave


you can help Me live in a life of luxury. It is My reality and you can have your small part


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