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August 3, 2011

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This has been quite a week!  I have barely been available for calls and yahoo and emails, yet all the losers keep showering Me with their cash!

I got $600 in the mail today from CashIntheMailPig, which was $100 more than he said he had sent!  His note indicated that he added an extra $100 for My boyfriend!  (How delicious is that?)  Since My boyfriend is a REAL man.

Of course, even though he’s been good, he still needs a really humiliating way to cum and that is a joy to contemplate!  I’ll take suggestions over on My twitter if anyone cares to send them!   (Or email Me at ) .  I’ll publish any really interesting ones here in My blog.

Now inspired by CashIntheMailPig, I have an Italian loser asking Me if he can mail Me Euros.   Of course!  I like it better of course if you go and exchange it first, but don’t let that stop you from mailing Me your Euros, yen, Australian dollars or whatever other cash you want.  And gold too…I’ll take that.

Its been fun on Niteflirt as well!

Wallet Cunt spent over a thousand on Me this week,  in two sessions.  He’s spent well over 50,000 dollars in the 3 or so years he has served Me now.

Dr X came out of the blue and dropped several thousand….even while crying of potential bankruptcy!

And several slaves have written Me lately with financial ruin stories at My hands…(see My niteflirt blog at )

Go read them too!

And in other news, I did new photos this week, they will be available to purchase at Niteflirt soon, I’ll post the link, but here is a preview of one set

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david hatcher May 21, 2014 at 4:20 pm

well miss im very much into this fetish just unsure how about going about it . its been on my mind some yrs now to be harshly deprived each week so i can spoil a perfect lady i could only hope to be with in real life . my manners suggest by doing this is kinda being owned by yourself which i suppose is pleasure enough . would like your thoughts or suggestions can this work long term miss

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