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January 15, 2012

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I’ve been soo busy, I haven’t had time to post on this blog lately.   I actually keep three blogs, although I think I am going to cut it down to two…

you can read more on My other blog. You should read them both because I post slightly different stuff over there.

So I had a fabulous Christmas, several slaves spoiled Me bigtime with Christmas presents and cash (My favorite!)

In fact, I’ve been madly trying to update My Amazon wishlist, because it was wiped clean at Christmas, that was sooo arousing.

And next week I’m off to Florida for a few days to get out of the COLD, and its been really cold here lately, so I timed it just right.

And guess who paid for Me and My boyfriend to go.

Yep, Slaves.

When you are a FinDomme, you don’t need to work. All you guys just hand over your cash, so pathetic.  I haven’t gotten a paycheck for five years now, but I bought a house, have traveled all over the country and dress in designer clothes.  I don’t have the commuting bitch anymore, and no fucking boss either.

So keep it coming boys. I love being retired in My youth! You losers are even funding an IRA for Me, isn’t that rich?

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