Extreme Financial Domination

Who is responsible if the slave goes broke?

August 16, 2012
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I’ve noticed a lot of buzz lately about FinDomme’s complicity in making men go bankrupt.  Some point fingers at us, saying that we’re harming families, destroying marriages, contributing to a wider problem in the overuse of credit. To this I say. *yawn* I’m not responsible for weak willed slaves.  If they are stupid enough to […]

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Addicted to Financial Domination

March 4, 2012
Financial Domination

I admit it. I too am addicted to Financial Domination.   No, of course I’m not addicted to spending obscene amounts of cash on beautiful women or men!  Of course not! I am addicted to the rush I get from Financially Dominating weak men like you! Recently I have lured back a few men that thought […]

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Money Slave fuckovers in all directions!

August 3, 2011
Financial Humilation

This has been quite a week!  I have barely been available for calls and yahoo and emails, yet all the losers keep showering Me with their cash! I got $600 in the mail today from CashIntheMailPig, which was $100 more than he said he had sent!  His note indicated that he added an extra $100 […]

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Cash in the mail!

July 21, 2011
Surrender and go bankrupt for Lauren

I’ve wished for a slave just to send Me cash..cold hard cash in the mail for a while, but it never seemed to happen.  I mean I have gotten thousands from slaves through payment processors, or gifts and gift cards…but finally someone sent Me cold hard cash in the mail.   $500 in $100 bills.  […]

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Mean Girl Olympics

February 11, 2010

I think many of you are aware that I do Two Girl calls and wallet abuse with a friend of Mine, SeducedByJane. Well we had the idea of how much fun it would be to humiliate and abuse losers in a game event, so we decided to do the Mean Girl Olympics. We’re doing it […]

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