I’ve wished for a slave just to send Me cash..cold hard cash in the mail for a while, but it never seemed to happen.  I mean I have gotten thousands from slaves through payment processors, or gifts and gift cards…but finally someone sent Me cold hard cash in the mail.


$500 in $100 bills.  Talk about hot!


And of course he has been going nuts on My amazon wishlist as well, buying Me an emerald bracelet for over $500, a pair of Prada sunglasses to the tune of $359, some of My favorite perfume (Coach) and an aqua leather purse I love.  And he is promising Me more cash in the mail next week, and I believe him, he always follows through.


What a good piggy, and all I have to do is abuse him in email with a few humiliating tasks. (Lick your cum off the bathroom floor) Loser!


Now maybe he’ll replace My computer, its almost four years old and its time to look for a new one.  I even put it on the wish list and I wonder who the first wallet slave  to buy it will be, will it be   Ca$h in the mail $lave or one of My niteflirt wallet cunts?


Dell Inspiron i560-5383NBK Desktop (Piano Black)


Over on Niteflirt,   Dr X and  wallet cunt have been busy boys.   After fucking over wallet cunt in May and June for like 26K,  he hid from me a bit, but he caved to Me and surrendered another 3K to me in July.   Dr   X has come out of hiding a bit and dropped 4K on Me on Tuesday night and a new Coach purse from My wishlist. Those rapings have Niteflirt fees,  sadly, they are getting rich on Me..


Which is why cash in the mail is sooo nice Mmmm


Mistress Lauren



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