A new way to pay Me!

June 26, 2012

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I have been searching for ways slaves can tribute Me that don’t have the big cut that Niteflirt and Talk Sugar take, and I’ve finally found one….

Clipvia.  I get 90% of My tributes, which makes is just about the best thing going, since I’m not willing to risk My paypal account taking tributes. (Since they would freeze it in a heartbeat if they know its adult)  I’m actually going to place more clips there, I haven’t been impressed with the payouts on Kinkbomb and Clips4sale….  Clipvia is comparable to Niteflirt for payout and that delicious 90% of tributes …Mmmmmm

Accepting payment in adult services is always tricky.   One certain card that you can load money unto actually sent Me a cease and desist order! (Even though its not against their TOS), I decided they had lawyers and I just will give My business to someone that appreciates FinDommes :)

Don’t forget My favorite way to get money.   Cash and gift cards in the mail!  My mailing address is on this page.


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